The Beeriodic Table of Elements (BTE) is a poster displaying a unique combination of science and suds.  The first three versions of the BTE were available from 2003 to 2010. Now, the newest version, Pour #4, is here!

This authentic marriage of general chemistry and zymurgy (brewing) is intended to be delightfully entertaining. Even if you aren’t a science or beer drinking type, you might still find the poster intriguing. It serves as a classy addition to most any wall, and it could quite possibly be the perfect gift idea!

Each of the 112 blocks comprising the poster showcases the “science” (elemental information) along with the “suds” (a beer's information) by pairing a specific beer to a specific element. Below is an image of the BTE's key. Above is a poster slideshow consisting of several actual element-beer pairings.


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